Let My Art Bless Your Life!
Judeo-Christian Art By
Jaynna Sye Cheng


Art can and should do more than just “look nice”.

Art should strive to enhance one’s life. Art should improve the quality of one’s daily life experience by enhancing their health wealth and happiness. This artistic concept and genre is what I call Let My Art Bless Your Life.

It can rightly be argued that all art is “Life Enhancing” at some level, in that art of all types and media inspire and enrich our society. However I believe that Art can do more!

The goal of each and every piece of art that I create for my clients is to enhance and improve their lives in some specific way. Let My Art Bless Your Life is the concept of understanding my client’s desires and infusing their piece with their desired outcome.

To learn more about my art, please contact me to set up a consultation where we can discuss how my art can make your desired outcomes become a reality.  LET MY ART BLESS YOUR LIFE!

Thank you for your time and for visiting my blog.

Please check out my new updated  Judeo-Christian Art Site at:


Here is a brief sample of some of my work:

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